LOGOS Speech & Debate

Contact: Steven Vaughan  303-400-6805

PURPOSE: To develop our members into confident communicators who sanctify Christ as Lord in their hearts, so as to be always ready to give an answer to anyone who asks a reason for the hope that lies within us, yet with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15)

Monumentum Speech and Debate Club

Contact: Chris Jeub at

Training Minds Ministry is known for promoting the “homeschool sport” of speech and debate. The ministry is located nearby and its president, Chris Jeub, runs Monumentum Club at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. They start September 10 to prepare for a successful year of forensics speech and debate competition. 

Coach Jeub has been involved in homeschool speech and debate since its inception in 1996, including a year on the Stoa Board of Directors and running the 2012 National Invitational Tournament of Champions, Stoa’s national tournament. He is the father of 16 children, two of whom have taken national titles in competition. 

For more information:


Colorado Springs

RESOLVE Speech & Debate Club

(Rhetoric Effectively Showing Our Love Virtue and Excellence)


Larry Sparks   for TP & LD Debate:  (719) 495-1462

Colleen Enos  for Speech & Parli Debate   (719) 495-7414

Our mission is to equip and challenge our students to communicate a bold message with courage, confidence and competence in a manner that glorifies God. We train in all events, both debate and speech.  We focus on preparing our students to compete in local and national tournaments in order to improve their communication skills and enable them to bring the truths of the Christian faith to the real world in a winsome and impactful way.  Our ultimate goal is for our students to change the culture in which they live and lead the next generation in a return to Christian values and godliness.

Welcome to sWORD (click in link to know more).  Here, words mean things; words are powerful tools.  We are a speech Club whose goal is to develop and inspire Christian students to winsomely and effectively communicate truth and hope.

Questions? Call Sandra Bateman

San Luis Valley

F.L.A.M.E. Speech and Debate

Contact: Arlene or Veronica Miller at 719-992-8126 or or Arthur at 719-992-8116.

Purpose: To equip our members to be confident communicators who:

  • Fear God
  • Learn wisdom (Proverbs 9:10)
  • Answer for the hope that is within them (I Peter 3:15)
  • Make disciples (Matthew 28:19)
  • Encourage others (Hebrews 3:13)


S.A.L.T.   (Speaking As Living Testimonies)

Contact:   Maggie Carabelos   303-457-9047

SALT is a full service club offering Team Policy and Lincoln Douglas Debate along with ten Individual Events.  We have an established Lettering and Leadership Program with an emphasis on serving our Community, Teamwork, and healthy Competition.  Students must be 12 years old by December 2010 to participate.

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